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Iranian ‘Bomb Boat’ Used By Houthi Rebels Discovered In The Path Of British Destroyer Sent To The Persian Gulf

A vessel known as a Blowfish was reportedly discovered by the Saudi navy lurking in the path of HMS Duncan as it made its way south through the Red Sea towards the Gulf The Blowfish bomb boat was reportedly discovered in the Red Sea where Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been known to deploy small vessels […]

Israel Says It Is Preparing For War Against Iran And Its Allies In The Next Two Years

EU’s GPS Satellites Have Been Down Since Friday. No One Knows Why

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma tells inquiry he’s victim of conspiracy

Scotland Yard defends warning to press over leaked diplomatic cables

Is Donald Trump racist?

The House's resolution was backed by 240 votes to 187, with only four Republicans supporting the motion.  US President Donald Trump has launched a series of attacks on the congresswomen of colour, known as "the squad", telling them to "go back to the crime-infested places from which they came". The politicians - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib - were born in the United States, and Ilhan Omar came to the US as a refugee aged 12. The remarks have been widely denounced, mainly by Democrats, who have renewed calls to launch impeachment proceedings against Trump. But as he remains defiant, what does

Egypt begins restoring King Tutankhamun’s golden coffin

Egypt has begun restoring the golden-plated wooden coffin of Tutankhamun for the first time since the tomb of the "Boy King" was discovered almost a century ago. Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities said in a statement on Wednesday that the treasured collection of Tutankhamun's tomb will be put on display at the new Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), due to open next year near the Pyramids of Giza.  British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the 18th-Dynasty king in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor in 1922. The tomb was untouched and included about 5,000 artefacts. The coffin was transported from southern Egypt to the

Brazil: Rio governor brands rise in police killings as ‘normal’

Amid a soaring number of police killings in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state, its tough-talking governor has said it is "normal" for the rate to increase and will likely keep rising during his tenure. Governor Wilson Witzel said on Tuesday that the surge in police killings was a consequence of his policy of "confronting terrorists", a term he uses for drug trafficking groups. "We live in a situation of confrontation and the criminals are testing the limits of the police and the government," Witzel told reporters during a meeting with foreign correspondents, adding it was "normal" that there were more deaths. Police in

Turkish envoy killed in Iraq by gunmen in restaurant attack

A Turkish diplomat was killed after gunmen entered an upscale restaurant where he was dining and opened fire in Erbil, capital of the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq. Intelligence sources told Al Jazeera another individual was killed in Wednesday's shooting, while one person was wounded. The attackers escaped the HuQ Qabaz restaurant through the back door and security forces were searching for them. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the attack on the restaurant was carried out by three people. The assailants also fired at Iraqi nationals sitting at a table next to Turkish consulate employees, killing one and seriously wounding another, the minister

WHO sounds global alarm over DR Congo Ebola outbreak

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a global public health emergency, the United Nations health agency has announced, just days after the epidemic spread to a major urban hub for the first time. The World Health Organization (WHO) made the declaration on Wednesday following a meeting of its emergency committee in the Swiss city of Geneva.  "It is a measure that recognises the possible increased national and regional risks and the need for intensified and coordinated action to manage them," WHO said in a post on Twitter. But the UN agency also said no country should close its borders or place any

Brother of Manchester bomber arrested in UK after extradition

British police say they have arrested the brother of a suspected suicide bomber following his extradition to London from Libya on suspicion of helping plan the deadly 2017 Manchester Arena attack. Hashem Abedi, 22, was arrested after he landed at a London airport on Wednesday and will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court, though police did not specify when. "He has today been successfully extradited, for offences relating to the Manchester Arena attack," Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said in a statement. "He was handed over by Libyan authorities to British police officers this morning. They escorted him on the flight back and

“Landmark moment” as Domestic Abuse Bill introduced to Parliament

The government’s landmark Domestic Abuse Bill will be introduced in Parliament today, signalling a major step forward in transforming the response to this crime. The Bill is the most comprehensive package ever presented to Parliament to tackle domestic abuse, both supporting victims and bringing perpetrators to justice. Following extensive work with stakeholders and charities, the government carried out a public consultation on measures to be included in the Bill that saw more than 3,200 responses. A draft of the Bill was published in January and has undergone extensive scrutiny by a Joint Committee of cross party MPs and Peers as part of the

Open consultation: Implementation of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) judgment on diesel fuel used in private pleasure craft

This consultation outlines how the government intends to implement the judgment by requiring private pleasure craft to use white diesel for propulsion, and seeks evidence about the impact this will have on users of diesel propelled craft operating in UK inland waterways and along the coast, and the companies that supply diesel to them. The responses will be used to help determine whether a period will be required for suppliers, known as Registered Dealers in Controlled Oils (RDCOs), and users of diesel fuel, to adapt to using only white diesel for propulsion of private pleasure craft and, if needed, the length

Scotland Yard defends warning to press over leaked diplomatic cables

Scotland Yard defends warning to press over leaked diplomatic cables Met 'heavy-handed threats to media not acceptable in free society'. Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu: No intention of trying to prevent the publication of stories in the public interest. Date - 15th July 2019 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle Scotland Yard has been forced to defend its actions after finding itself at the centre of a furious row over press freedom in warning journalists not to publish any more leaked cables from Britain’s US ambassador Sir Kim Darroch. Politicians...

Serious violence: new legal duty to support multi-agency action

Tackling serious violence requires a multi-agency approach involving a range of partners and agencies such as education, health, social services, housing, youth and victim services, offender management and others. It is also vital that public agencies work in partnership with the voluntary and charitable sector to develop targeted interventions in local communities. Action should be guided by evidence of the problems and what works in tackling their root causes. To do this, we must bring organisations together to share information, data and intelligence and encourage them to work in concert rather than in isolation. The consultation paper sets out options for

News story: ACT Summer Security – Know The Game Plan

Former England stars Alan Shearer, David Seaman and Paul Parker have teamed up with Counter Terrorism Policing to offer football fans security advice ahead of the World Cup. The ex-internationals video messages explain how fans can keep themselves and others safe while gathering to watching games. The move is part of a summer long security campaign aimed at protecting crowded places. With the tournament kicking off this evening, (Thursday 14 June) when hosts Russia take on Saudi Arabia, thousands are expected to watch matches on screens in city centres, football grounds and fan parks up and down the UK. Police security experts will

News story: Football fans urged to ‘Know The Game Plan’ for new season

Football fans gearing up for the new season are being reminded to ‘Know The Game Plan’ and report any security concerns to stewards or staff. Officers have been working with the Premier League, EFL (English Football League) and individual clubs to enhance measures designed to keep supporters safe, and to raise and awareness of the threat from terrorism among club employees and supporters alike. While there is no specific threat to football grounds, the project is part of a wider police plan to work more closely with different sectors such as retail, hospitality and entertainment to help protect the public. Other sports such

Outside the Box: Bitcoin buyers are only fooling themselves — again

Money is the lynchpin of modern economies. We do not need to grow our own food, make our own clothes, and build our own furniture. We can specialize in what we do well and use the money we are paid to buy what we want.  It hardly matters what is accepted as money — seashells, whale teeth, and woodpecker scalps have all been used. The people of Yap used stones canoed in from hundreds of miles away. People have been willing to be paid in shells, scalps, and stones because they were confident that they could use them to buy things. Money

FA Center: This legendary Vanguard fund manager had the right stuff to beat the market

Enough time has elapsed since investment legend John Neff passed away to step back and take a sober look at the performance of the mutual fund he ran for more than three decades. That’s not because Neff’s record was anything short of impressive. But a dispassionate analysis of how much money an investor could have made from his considerable investing skills would have looked unseemly in the immediate aftermath of his passing. Neff died June 4 at the age of 87. From 1964 through 1995 he ran Vanguard Group’s respected Windsor Fund VWNDX, -0.24%  . Over his 31 years at the helm,

Trump turns up trade pressure on China as he threatens Google probe

Getty Images President Donald Trump talks with journalists during a cabinet meeting with acting Defense Secretary Richard Spencer, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and others at the White House on Tuesday. President Donald Trump on Tuesday turned up fresh pressure on China over trade with the U.S., as he vowed to “take a look” into allegations that Google’s work with Beijing is treasonous. CHINA TRADE AND GOOGLE Trump addressed China on two fronts, saying during a cabinet meeting at the White House that there’s a “long way to go” on a trade pact with Beijing, and tweeting that his administration would look into concerns



Transfer Talk: Dortmund prepping bid for Juventus youngster Kean

The European transfer window is open. Click here to review all the latest transfers, and…

Altidore fined for ‘absolutely horrible’ MLS refs tweet

Arsenal working way back to silverware – Kroenke

Report: Argentina request Messi red rescinded

Toe Poke Daily: Harry Redknapp becomes UK garage star for the day

Seedorf sacked by Cameroon as Afcon coaching cull continues