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Fully electric charged for a greener future

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There are 200
on-street electric vehicle charging points (EVCP) currently powering up across
the borough, giving residents easier access to a cost-effective and
environmentally-friendly way of getting around. 

In fact, with far
lower running costs than traditional cars, exemption from the congestion charge
and ultra-low emission zone schemes and no road tax fees, there has never been
a better time to make the switch to electric cars.

Councillor Julian
Bell, Leader of Ealing Council recently teamed up with Source London, which
provides many of the borough’s EVCPs, to charge and test-drive a Nissan LEAF
electric car.

said: “For the council, lowering the environmental footprint within the borough
and improving air quality is an ongoing priority. We are facing a climate
change emergency and it’s vital that we give local people the support they need
to take environmentally-friendly options of getting around.

“Going electric also
has a positive effect on reducing air pollution. We want to see more people
transitioning from older, more polluting cars to electric options and of course
walking, cycling and using public transport wherever possible.”

You can find out how
he got on charging and test driving an electric car in the video below.

Councillor Bell
continued: “Driving in electric car was a really fantastic experience – it is
very smooth, with a very quick acceleration so it is a lovely drive, frankly.
Not only is it a pleasant ride but of course there are so many environmental

“You can book a
charge point in advance online and park at the same time as charging. After a
few hours when you are finished, you simply unplug and drive off. The range
that electric cars can travel is increasing all the time and they typically
have more than enough power to cover most journeys.”

Powering up via your local streetlight

The council has also
introduced charging points in local street lights dotted across the borough to
create even more quick and easy opportunities for drivers to power up their
electric car.

SimpleSockets, as
they are known, have been installed into existing street lights and are powered
exclusively by 100% green electricity.

This means that not
only are they environmentally-friendly and run at a reduced cost to the
council, their convenient location in existing street lights ensures easy
access without taking up any extra space on the road.

Councillor Bell
continued: “I’m delighted that we have installed SimpleSockets in streetlights
in the borough – bringing charging points right where residents need it the

“With so many charge
points across Ealing, there should always be one nearby, allowing you to top up
when you need to.

“We hope that, by
increasing the number of charging points around the borough, it will help to
make this option more attractive for residents. Our long-term aim is to ensure
that residents are never more than ten minutes’ walk from one.

“It is just one way
to cut our carbon footprint. And, if every one of us decides to make as many as
possible of our shorter journeys around the borough by foot or bike it could,
cumulatively, have a colossal impact.”

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