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Retail Fire

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Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service received a call reporting a smell of burning and an alarm sounding in the area.

Fire control immediately mobilised two pumps from Greenbank, one pump from Camels Head, the aerial ladder platform from Crownhill and a duty officer to attend this incident.

On arrival the incident commander confirmed smoke within a property at the above location.

Crews got to work gaining access to the property with two members of the crew wearing breathing apparatus and one hose reel jet to locate the fire.

Due to the layout of the building the incident commander increased breathing apparatus to four wearers and two hose reel jets. Crews also utilised two thermal imaging camera, one 105 ladder, lighting and small tools.  

Update at 02:54 – Fire now located and crews promptly extinguished the fire.

Crews got to work ventilating the property with a positive pressure ventilation fan.

The incident commander confirmed a washing machine in the utilities room was the cause of the fire. The utility room was a hundred percent damaged by the fire. The remaining of the building was a hundred percent damaged by the smoke.

This was believed to be an accidental fire.

These were the final details.

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